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Freak Out

posted on: 8 July, 2015


Drawing inspiration from Frank Zappa, I styled and conceptualized an editorial for TEO Magazine’s issue 7. The colours on the Freak Out record primarily influence the editorial. Though the colourful characters described in the album Over-Nite Sensation lyrically shaped the character that Ashleigh channels.

It was creatively fulfilling to style the shoot incorporating latex, leather, faux fur, denim, knitwear and mesh garments by established and emerging Australian designers accompanied with handmade accessories from New York label Creepyyeha.

View the full editorial in the magazine here.

Hair and Makeup: Kristina Persichini

Styling: Crystal Dench

Model: Ashleigh Skye

Photography: Jonno Révanche

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Harvest Moon

posted on: 12 April, 2015

Denchibitionist Stylist Teo Magazine 1

I’m thoroughly excited to share an editorial I styled for TEO Magazine’s latest issue, which is all about Wicked Women. When coming up with the concept, I drew inspiration from other worldly beauty, envisioned deviously tall white peaks and complimented the pink crystal waters with uncomplicated outfits.

To see what else has been brewing, view the magazine here.

Hair: Aleesha O’Reilly

Makeup: Ché Kerr Pilling

Styling: Crystal Dench

Model: Céci Hardy

Photography: Adam Stanley

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