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Just For The Record

posted on: 30 January, 2015



Madeline the Label Dress • Vintage Record Case • Topshop Shoes • Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Is there a combination more giddily delightful than railroad strolls and citrus frozen treats? I don’t think so! And with that addressed, I bring you my next outfit post complete with said strolls. Here I am wearing a dress by Adelaide bespoke designer, Madeline the Label which is right up my alley with it’s sixties silhouette and modern exclusive print. I paired this dress with a set of sling backs that are both comfortable and dressy. I completed the look with this record case of a similar hue to my lipstick. Sourced locally from Hype & Seek who sell incredible vintage wares, the case that traditionally stores 7-inch vinyl did an excellent job of containing my mobile and wallet. So just for the record*, it also works as a good bag.

*I am not to be trusted with puns.

Madeline-the-Label-Denchibitionist-Vintage-6 Madeline-the-Label-Denchibitionist-Vintage-3 Madeline-the-Label-Denchibitionist-Vintage-4 Madeline-the-Label-Denchibitionist-Vintage-5Madeline-the-Label-Denchibitionist-Vintage-7Photography by Susan Allin
Styling by Crystal Dench

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Good day, Sunshine

posted on: 24 December, 2014


The Beatles Revolver

The Fashion Club Jacket • H&M Blouse • H&M Pants • Topshop Shoes • Zara Bag • Ksubi Sunnies

I’ll start this post with an apology for being a little quieter than usual lately. I just touched down in New York and besides struggling to grasp a good Wi-Fi connection; I am off exploring what this city has to offer.

This is one of my favourite albums of all time. Regardless of my mindset, there’s a song to suit my mood from the flippant political lyrics of Taxman to the melancholy strings used in Eleanor Rigby. Klaus Voormann, a German artist, musician, and record producer, created the artwork for the album sleeve. The monochromatic collage influenced me to shoot beside a gigantic pencil in Adelaide and dress in a silvery suit with pointed sling backs.

Going back to gallivanting the big apple now. Follow along on my adventures on Instagram and look out for the hashtag USAxDenchibitionist.

PS. I completely raided Amoeba Records in Los Angeles the other day so there’ll be plenty of Vinyl posts to come!

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-12Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-1Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-6Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-9Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Revolver-11Photography by Susan Allin
Styling and creative direction by Crystal Dench

Heart & Sole

posted on: 27 November, 2014


Cameo the Label Dress • H&M Bag • DIY Choker • Betsey Johnson Boots

I’m not sure if you’ve met before so say hello to Ziggy. You may have seen him around the place so I thought I’d introduce you. I’m talking about my ankle boots (see: lightning bolt zip detail and 1970s style platform heel). Ziggy Stardust and I have had many adventures; here I’ve paired him with a Cameo the Label mini and statement pink lip. He really knows how to take a gal’s outfit up a notch and thus has my heart and sole.

Photography by Susan Allin
Styling by Crystal Dench

True Colours

posted on: 17 November, 2014


Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Les-Nereides-Ksubi-2Topshop Moto Denim Top • Cameo the Label Pants • Rubi Sandals • Les Nereides Necklace • Ksubi Sunglasses

Sometimes you’re waiting for a takeaway order to be ready, flippantly grazing against the pavement when your photographer friend decides it’s time to capture a candid shot or two.

These wide leg pants are a haven during the warmer months and are rather old now (the logo on the tag has Cameo written with a backwards E and was a steal at $5). The structured tee is comfortable (and forgiving of said takeaways) whilst the necklace adds a bit of quirkiness. I quite enjoy how the block colours unify in these images, my idea of the perfect impromptu look to go from pavement to party.

Photography by Susan Allin

Space Is Only Noise If You Can See

posted on: 6 November, 2014


The Fifth Top • H&M Culottes • Zara Ankle Boots • Vintage Necklace

This outfit post was proudly brought to you by breakfast date turned photo shoot, because bacon and egg brioche buns go together quite well with a side of Canon 5D Mark II. This blouse is completely out of this world, adding interest to an otherwise basic outfit. These H&M culottes are perfect for a tailored look when I need to be on my feet all day and my square heeled ankle boots never fail to provide comfort and height. I’m currently listening to some Nicholas Jaar and culling pieces for a trip to the states next month. This blouse will definitely be coming on the journey with me, perhaps not to galaxies far and wide but across the ocean at least for now.

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-1Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-2 Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-5 Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-Collage-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-Collage-3Photography by Susan Allin
Editing by Crystal Dench

Speaking Volumes In Monochrome

posted on: 29 October, 2014

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-7Jaggar Herron Shirt • Jaggar Herron Skirt • Givenchy Heels • RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick in RiRi Woo

When it comes to monochrome, I feel that black and white is a sartorial partnership that excels like no other in conveying attitude. Framing the body in shadowy hues is a platform for highlighting one’s mood. Whether it’s an understated elegance, an impetuous playfulness or a somber melancholy; a neutral palate is a stage in which disposition is the actor.

Wearing a twin set by Jaggar the Label, I spun and head banged channeling my inner Karen O. The voluminous fluted skirt and top creates waves. The lightweight fabric in exclusive checkered print is eye catching whilst maintaining a classic status. Though the pair looks uniformed together, the pieces also work well as statement separates. I recently sported the full skirt with a Rolling Stones tee that I scored from the recent concert, perhaps another outfit post to come..

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-1Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-9Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-8Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-6Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Jaggar-10GGIIFFPhotography by Susan Allin

Tee Party

posted on: 4 October, 2014

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-8 ASOS Collection Tee • H&M Culottes • Jeffrey Campbell Heels • Pixie Market Bag • Stila White Eyeliner

Every gal should have a go to tee, a favourite basic t-shirt to rely upon and for me, it’s this one. You may have noticed that I’ve featured it on the blog before and I’ll likely style it again. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it need to have an intricate design. Its purpose is to encompass an outfit, bringing all the pieces together cohesively. Whether it’s oversized, has a funnel neckline, cropped or is of the silky variety. You may already own your go to tee and call upon it in times that your outfit requires an effortless look or are on the hunt for one, it truly is a worthy wardrobe staple.

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-5Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-6Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-7Photography by Susan Allin

Aesop Rundle Street Launch

posted on: 28 September, 2014




Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Aesop-Adelaide-Rundle-Street-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Aesop-Adelaide-Rundle-Street-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Aesop-Adelaide-Rundle-Street-3Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-8Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-7Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-9Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-10Photography by Susan Allin and Crystal Dench

I was recently invited to the official launch of Aesop Rundle Street, which was designed by Adelaide’s own Genesin Studio. Guests were offered wines, cheeses, strawberries and berry infused water whilst familiarizing themselves with the chic new digs. The interior features solid timber, Tasmanian oak, antique green marble and blackened steel rods. Unlike other Aesop stores that I have explored, the aesthetic of this east end sanctuary also features a consultation lounge complete with fireplace, leather bound books and armchair.

In need of new skincare for the road trip I was taking the following day, I purchased the Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream and had a few other handy goodies provided in the gift bag (pictured below). We stayed at a shack in the Yorke Peninsula and I opted to keep my skincare and makeup routine to a minimal. Fittingly, the trip marked the anniversary of my 7th year in Australia. This allowed me to celebrate in the most Australia way I know how; barbeque breakfasts, cocktails in between beach walks and fishing.


Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-13Denchibitionist-Aesop-Rundle-Street-Launch-6Aesop Mouthwash Bain de Bouche • Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser • Mac Crème Sheen Lipstick in Fanfare • Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream • Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat in Beige Desert • Ksubi Sunglasses



The Echoes of A Distant Time

posted on: 17 September, 2014


Pink Floyd – Meddle

Pink Floyd 1988 Tour Tee • Topshop Skirt • Zara Boots • ASOS Teal Brushed Coat • Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch • H&M Bag

Growing up in England I was no stranger to Pink Floyd. My dad and I would join musical forces doing our own renditions of songs from The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon. He would play air guitar and I would sing fiercely into a felt tip pen (microphone). We used to drive down to the Royal Festival Hall most Saturday evenings to listen to live music and when I’d fall asleep on the way home, he’d wake me up to see the Battersea Power Station that’s featured in the album artwork for Animals.

Personally my favourite album is Meddle, which my outfit is inspired by. The colours of the sound waves and rippled water in the music sleeve match perfectly with that of my fur coat contrasting with the brick wall. Those who know me will tell you that I’m no stranger to sporting a band tee and there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding an original tour shirt in mint condition. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this look together, if you enjoyed it too let me know by commenting below and perhaps it will be the start of a series post.

Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-8Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-4Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-2Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-3Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-7Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-GIFDenchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-9Photography by Susan Allin
Styling and creative direction by Crystal Dench

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The Loft Wine Bar Dinner Menu Launch

posted on: 11 September, 2014




I was very fortunate to have recently been invited as a guest to preview The Loft Wine Bar’s dinner menu. Hosted by Nomadic Marketing’s Mark Bolton who talked us through our matched wines and The Loft’s own Eddie Alder who the New Yorker calls one of Australia’s top ten mixologists. The decadent soirée consisted of five courses which were created and presented beautifully under the direction of head chef Joseph Quiniones. We indulged in dishes, a couple of which were inspired by Filipino cuisine whilst enjoying fantastic company and taking in The Loft’s charming interiors.

Crystal-Dench-Denchibitionist-The-Loft-Wine-Bar-Adelaide-Degustation-6Crystal-Dench-Denchibitionist-The-Loft-Wine-Bar-Adelaide-Degustation-17Crystal-Dench-Denchibitionist-The-Loft-Wine-Bar-Adelaide-Degustation-7Course 1: Pulutan

Philippine inspired Charcoal Mezze, Whole Prawns, Baby Squid, Belly Pork
East 8 Hold up Cocktail (Vodka, Aperol, Pineapple, Lime, Passionfruit)
Sherry Cobbler (Pimms, Curacao, Fino Sherry, Cucumber
Mosquito Hill Pino Blanc


Course 2: Chicken

Poached with ginger broth & wild rice
20th Century Cocktail (Gin, Lemon, Kina Lillet & Cacao)


Course 3: Duck

Sous Vide Duck Breast with Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts and Calve Nero
White Rabbit Cocktail (Brown Butter Rum, Smoked Maple, Fresh Lemon and Orange Juice)
Mosquito Hill Pinot Noir


Course 4: Beef Sirloin

Beef Sirloin with Mushroom and Chorizo
Garfiled & Thomas Cabernet Merlot

Course 5: Turon
Filipino banana and cinamon sugar pastry with chocolate sauce
Kooinda Milk Porter
El Maestro Pedro Ximenez
Picasso cocktail (Vodka and Sparkling Water with palette of flavoured mixers)


My favourites were the 20th Century Cocktail as the cacao flavours were present in a delicate yet not overpowering way. I also enjoyed the Sherry Cobbler and found it to be very summery. In terms of food, the chicken was a standout as it was fragrant and unique. I hadn’t previously tried puffed rice in a savory dish.

As a firm believer of following the pursuit of pleasure in ones surroundings, I gather that my friends and I will be back at The Loft Wine Bar to enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks, perhaps this time on the balcony as the warmer months are steadily approaching.