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Concert Hall

posted on: 28 January, 2016


H&M Blouse • Hatsumi’s Laundry Bralet • 3.1 Philip Lim Culottes • Shakuhachi Shoes • Opening Ceremony Wallet

I’ve kept my travel experiences private apart from the occasional #USAxDenchibitionist post on Instagram. But I couldn’t resist sharing a few photos of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Here I’ve paired shots of the deconstructivist style building with outfit photos taken at Adelaide Festival Centre.

I’ve worn an understated black outfit with quirky circular accents from the dotted underwear peeking through to the laser cut culottes. The OC wallet is one of my favourite pieces to date. In fact, I was so in love with the wallet that I recently got my hands on an OC bag too (no pun intended). Keep your eyes peeled, you might see it on the blog soon!

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-6Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-9Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-8Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-1Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-7Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-Opening-Ceremony-3.1-Philip-Lim-4Photography in Adelaide by Susan Allin
Photography in Los Angeles and Styling by Crystal Dench

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