Space Is Only Noise If You Can See

posted on: 6 November, 2014


The Fifth Top • H&M Culottes • Zara Ankle Boots • Vintage Necklace

This outfit post was proudly brought to you by breakfast date turned photo shoot, because bacon and egg brioche buns go together quite well with a side of Canon 5D Mark II. This blouse is completely out of this world, adding interest to an otherwise basic outfit. These H&M culottes are perfect for a tailored look when I need to be on my feet all day and my square heeled ankle boots never fail to provide comfort and height. I’m currently listening to some Nicholas Jaar and culling pieces for a trip to the states next month. This blouse will definitely be coming on the journey with me, perhaps not to galaxies far and wide but across the ocean at least for now.

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-1Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-2 Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-5 Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-Collage-2Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-The-Fifth-Collage-3Photography by Susan Allin
Editing by Crystal Dench