Tee Party

posted on: 4 October, 2014

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-8 ASOS Collection Tee • H&M Culottes • Jeffrey Campbell Heels • Pixie Market Bag • Stila White Eyeliner

Every gal should have a go to tee, a favourite basic t-shirt to rely upon and for me, it’s this one. You may have noticed that I’ve featured it on the blog before and I’ll likely style it again. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it need to have an intricate design. Its purpose is to encompass an outfit, bringing all the pieces together cohesively. Whether it’s oversized, has a funnel neckline, cropped or is of the silky variety. You may already own your go to tee and call upon it in times that your outfit requires an effortless look or are on the hunt for one, it truly is a worthy wardrobe staple.

Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-5Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-4Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-6Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-3Denchibitionist-Crystal-Dench-H&M-Jeffrey-Campbell-ASOS-7Photography by Susan Allin