The Echoes of A Distant Time

posted on: 17 September, 2014


Pink Floyd – Meddle

Pink Floyd 1988 Tour Tee • Topshop Skirt • Zara Boots • ASOS Teal Brushed Coat • Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch • H&M Bag

Growing up in England I was no stranger to Pink Floyd. My dad and I would join musical forces doing our own renditions of songs from The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon. He would play air guitar and I would sing fiercely into a felt tip pen (microphone). We used to drive down to the Royal Festival Hall most Saturday evenings to listen to live music and when I’d fall asleep on the way home, he’d wake me up to see the Battersea Power Station that’s featured in the album artwork for Animals.

Personally my favourite album is Meddle, which my outfit is inspired by. The colours of the sound waves and rippled water in the music sleeve match perfectly with that of my fur coat contrasting with the brick wall. Those who know me will tell you that I’m no stranger to sporting a band tee and there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding an original tour shirt in mint condition. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this look together, if you enjoyed it too let me know by commenting below and perhaps it will be the start of a series post.

Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-8Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-4Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-2Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-3Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-7Denchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-GIFDenchibitionist-Vinyl-Vintage-Pink-Floyd-Crystal-Dench-9Photography by Susan Allin
Styling and creative direction by Crystal Dench

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